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If your new home is one year old or less now is the time to do your one year builder  warranty inspection.  Call or email us today! 

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Houston home inspections, Houston home inspector, home inspector Houston Texas, Houston home builder, Home builder in Houston Texas, new home construction inspections, home builder in houston texas, houston real estate,home inspections, Houston, League City, NASA, Clear Lake, Friendswood, home inspector, inspections

Houston home inspections, Houston home inspector, home inspector Houston Texas, Houston home builder, Home builder in Houston Texas, new home construction inspections, home builder in houston texas, houston real estate,home inspections, Houston, League City, NASA, Clear Lake, Friendswood, home inspector, inspections
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houston home inspections, houston home inspector, houston home builder, one year builder warranty inspection, new home construction inspections  Buying a home? You need us!

Houston home inspections

Don’t  make your most costly purchase your most costly mistake!


Before you buy a new home, call us.   We are ICC Code Certified, State Licensed, Experienced, Impartial and Independent!  With over 5,000 homes inspected.

We have one goal in mind, CONSUMER PROTECTION!  It is our obligation and our responsibility to provide you with as much information as possible about your new home, so that you can make a responsible decision about your purchase.    We do not advertise to or solicit work from any real estate agencies, or from any Builder!  90% of all our work comes from past client referrals; or from this website.   We work only for you, the Buyer!  

We Inspect 'You' Decide!

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It's a 'buyer's' market but all that glitters is not gold!

If you are buying a new home, foreclosed home or a short sell make sure you hire the best home inspector  you can. Shopping inspectors by price may not be wise! All inspectors are not the same!  Going cheap is not the thing to do on a new home, foreclosure or short sell.  Don’t  make your most costly purchase your most costly mistake! 'Hire experience'

'It's your last chance'

Is it time to do your new home warranty inspection?

If your new home is just 10 or 11 months old it's time to do your new home warranty inspection.  This may be your last chance to get repairs made to your home  without a long drawn out, expensive process!

Don’t  make your most costly investment your most costly mistake because of a cheap home inspection!  

You may think home inspectors are all the same. That could not be further from the truth. If you hire an inspector for $200.00 or $350.00, you will get what you pay for. Are you willing to gamble your family's largest investment on a cheap home inspection? You won't save money! In the long run, it may cost you more money! Most of these cheap inspectors do the bare minimum home inspections to protect the sale. Some of these inspectors do 2 and 3; and sometimes even 4 inspections a day! They don't have the time to give you a quality inspection. In some cases they don't have the knowledge. If you are buying a new home or doing under construction inspections  and your inspector is not ICC code certified you are wasting your money.  Remember, at some point you will have to re-sell this home.  And you may end up with major problems your 'cheap inspector' didn't find; and you can't afford to repair!  But by then, it is too late!  You have already purchased the home, problems and all! (Good luck getting your home builder back to do repairs!)


At Inspection Concepts we do one home inspection a day. We have no vested interest, whether you buy the home or not!  Our job is to protect you!  And we inspect your new home the same way we would inspect it if we were buying it for our family. We use our 30 years of experience in the home building and inspection business to protect and inform you.  We will not sugar-coat your report to make it sound good to a realtor or builder/seller. You need to know what you are buying. It's a lot of money! Your money! So if you try and save $150.00 on a home inspection, it just may turn out to be the most expensive $150.00 you ever saved!  We will provide you with 8"X10" color photos; and all the information you need to make an informed decision about your purchase. With this information, you can either negotiate or just walk away!  Or you could hire the cheap inspector and end up paying and paying!

We Inspect 'You' Decide!

Picture of the Week!

Or Lemon of the Week! 

The purpose of city home inspections is to promote health; safety; and structural integrity. Our pictures of the week are from new homes inspections in the various cities that we inspect in.  Our pictures of the week are of violations that were either over-looked or not looked at all!   All of these homes have previously been inspected by city inspectors, builder's private real estate inspectors and/or windstorm engineers . How serious are these violations?

"We Inspect 'You' Decide"!    


The above photo shows the lack of supervision; lack of craftsmanship; and lack of professionalism by the builder and inspectors. 

Visit our Past Pictures of the Week!


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Did You Know?

Texas Residential Construction Commission Dies

The Texas Residential Construction Commission has long been regarded  as a detriment to consumers in Texas. This week, the  legislative session came to an end without any act to save the commission from the state's Sunset process. The 5-year-old commission long has been accused of offering more protections for builders than it does for homeowners. Now, these same laws will end on September 1, 2009, with another year granted to winding down operations. How will the closing of the Texas Residential Construction Commission, and elimination of the entire act creating the commission, help Texas consumers? Click here for more.

The People’s Lawyer’s Tip of the Day

The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act requires full disclosure by sellers. If a seller intentionally withholds material information, he could be responsible for three times the consumer's damages, plus court costs and attorney's fees.

Building tomorrows slums today! 

And you don't want to spend the money for a 'pre-drywall' inspection!
Maybe you should rethink that!  (Read the rest of the story)
Nov. 2, 2006: City of Houston building inspectors are supposed to be hard at work to protect you and your family. KPRC Local 2 investigative reporter Stephen Dean found inspectors at the gym, taking extended lunches and at home while they're supposed to be making sure structures are safe. (Read the rest of the story)

More New Homes Contain Life-Threatening Defects
by Broderick Perkins

15 percent of all new homes sold -- 150,000 a year -- had a serious defect. Is your new home one of these?  (Read the rest of the story)

Rick Casey - Builder Contributions to AG Abbott, Tough Grandma & TRCC

Houston Chronicle's Rick Casey - Proposal: A $1 million recusal rule

Take the case of Attorney General Greg Abbott. Last Dec. 15 he received $100,000 in campaign contributions from Houston homebuilder Bob Perry and his wife... Perry and his allies in the homebuilding industry worked hard to obtain the commission as a partial shield against lawsuits... Still, it hardly inspires confidence for the attorney general to accept a hundred grand from an interested party on the eve of entertaining a request to rule on an issue of considerable interest to that party. In addition, five days after sending his request to Abbott, Swinford received his first contribution from Perry, for $2,000. Six weeks later he would receive another $10,000... But the notion that the attorney general can take $100,000 from someone with a direct interest in his ruling is outrageous.  And it's actually worse. Since 2001, Abbott has received $1.1 million from Mr. and Mrs. Perry... (Read the rest of the story)


Agency has many ties to builders

Consumer groups see the Texas Residential Construction Commission as a puppet of the Texas Association of Builders. The TAB says its interest is simply participation in government, taking advantage of opportunities available to any citizen.                (Read the rest of the story)
Arrests in ST. Louis shine light on illegal workers at building sites Behind farming and cleaning, construction ranks third in the concentration of illegal immigrant workers in the nation, he said. (Read the rest of the story)

7 home-buying traps    By Liz Pulliam Weston

Blindly using your agent's inspector

Your agent may recommend a home inspector because he does a good job -- or because he keeps his mouth shut about problems that could torpedo the sale. (Read the rest of the story)

Top Builder Defect Data for Construction Industry Revealed

The new findings come from data captured during the construction data collection process by Quality Built field inspectors on 31,995 completed homes and condominiums across 27 U.S. states for the 12-month period ending Oct. 1, 2005.
Quality Built's findings show single-family homes averaged $5,398 in corrected defects per home in 2005.
Single-family housing:
1. Building paper and housewrap (i.e., building envelope) installation flaws.
2. Improper framing around windows and doors.
3. Missing structural straps and connectors (e.g., hold-downs).

(Read the rest of the story)


Builders leave Better Business Bureau
Homeowners losing one option to resolve issues

Some builders are dropping their membership in the Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan Houston because they don't want to use the alternative dispute resolution process, a process they agreed to as terms of their membership. (Read the rest of the story)

 Insurers Keep A Secret History Of Your Home

A huge database not only tracks claims, it also looks for risks such as toxic mold. That's why homeowners with even minor water damage are being canceled -- and are sometimes unable to sell.
by Liz Pullam Weston, MSN Money 
(Read the rest of the story)

 Home Buyer Beware
Patricia Kilday Hart

How a new state agency of the builders, by the builders, and for the builders makes it harder for you to sue, yes, your builder.
IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS, if you scrimped and saved and bought your dream home in Texas, you could sleep easy at night knowing that the roof over your head was protected by a common-sense legal doctrine. Known as an implied warranty of habitability, in layman’s terms it meant that—whether or not anything was put in writing—the courts would hold the builder to a guarantee that your home was fit to live in and constructed with care. If your foundation sagged or your windows leaked or your roof caved in, you could demand that the builder fix the defect and take him to court if he didn’t. (Read the rest of the story)

Houston-area foreclosures rise

Sunday, 28 August 2005
Disturbing wake-up call in American dream
FOR thousands of Houstonians, the American dream of owning a home has become a financial nightmare. In 2004, lenders foreclosed on 8,300 homes in Harris, Montgomery and Fort Bend counties — more than double the number five years before... More homeowners are also getting right to the brink of foreclosure. The number of homes posted for foreclosure — a warning that the bank can foreclose in 21 days — totaled 19,866 in Harris County last year, the highest since 1989.

"ALL STUCCOS LEAK." (Read the rest of the story)


Water torture; Small leak in my plumbing unleashes a torrent of home-owning complications. (Read the rest of the story)

(MarketWatch) -- KB Home has reached a $2 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission pending approval by the Department of Justice over mandatory arbitration clauses in home warranties, a company spokeswoman said Tuesday. (Read the rest of the story)

HADD Texas quarterly newsletter (can be found here)


Building Defects Spoil Homeowners' Dreams

Over the past decade, the combined effects of new building techniques, trouble-prone materials and shoddy construction have made modern homes vulnerable to moisture damage.  (Read the rest of the story)

Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

Remember, the 2005 Hurricane Season begins on June 1, 2005. Will you be ready? (For help click here)

Home Builder Hall of Shame

Black Heart Award

Anyone with $125, a social security number and absolutely no knowledge of how to construct a house is eligible to be a builder in Texas.  People need a license to catch a fish and drive a car but not to be a builder in Texas and I can vouch for that.

You see I am now an official registered builder in The Great State of Texas, doing business as Cheetum Custom Homes.

My degree in physical therapy certainly does not qualify me to build homes however; building qualifications are irrelevant in Texas. (read the rest of the story)

Barry Stone column:: Beware of builder who insists buyer sign a repair waiver Any builder who would deny a home buyer's right to a professional home inspection prior to purchase or who would refuse to make repairs subject to that inspection is blatantly unethical, and dealings with such persons should be avoided whenever possible.

Texas State Affairs Hearing - TRCC Flawed

State Affairs House Committee to regulate homebuilders 
Broadcasts of Live Coverage State Affairs  hearing on HB3404 –  4/18/05 Advance to :52
Of the 502 complaints officially filed with TRCC over the past 15 months – 206 filed for SIRP the dispute resolution however, only 137 were eligible.  365 could not use TRCC if they wanted to.  Based on these figures clearly, TRCC is a $2.5 Million state agency that selectively serves a very small portion of the home buying public stuck with defective homes.
Feds probe real estate agents NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Did you pay your real estate broker too much? The U.S. Department of Justice may be set to turn Tulsa, Okla. into a test-case for ending the stranglehold 6 percent commissions have over the real estate brokerage business.
John R. Cobarruvias: Strike a blow against forced arbitration
On May 7, the citizens of Frisco have an opportunity to correct this unfair situation and demand full disclosure from the home building industry Read more

Chandler Creek - Another KB Community Gone BAD? (Click here)


KB Home Foreclosure Rate More Than Double Other Builders Read more


Rate your Houston and surrounding Area Home Builders (Click here)


No property TAX relief for Texans here is why!   36 RINOS: THE LIST 


Appraisal Fraud Likely Greater Than Reported


Are You in the Dumps? Its Time to get Out.

Imagine this. You just purchased your dream house in a brand new, sizzling hot subdivision. What could be better -- you've accomplished the American dream (Read more)



By Chris Berdik Globe Correspondent
Back in 1980, Peggy Wolff's home slowly started poisoning her. Soon after moving into the newly constructed house in Leverett, Wolff, now 59, began to have short-term memory loss and severe problems with her digestion. In a scenario that sounds like a horror-movie plot, the house, built to be airtight and energy efficient, had become a closed system of air contaminated by mold and chemicals emitted by particleboard furniture, paint, carpets, and insulation. (Click here for the rest of the story)

Roof warranty's; Do you have one on your new home? Did your builder or roof installer void your roof warranty?  Read the real facts! 

Read HADD's new news letter on the  homebuilding industry and the lack of consumer protection in Texas.  (Click here)  (PDF)

If you are a home buying consumer, you should join HADD to stay on top of the industry news in the fight for consumer protection in Texas.

The Texas Residential Construction Commission provides Texas Homeowners and the residential construction industry an opportunity to resolve differences through a neutral dispute resolution process and ongoing education.
The above statement was taken from the TRCC website. What it does not say is that they the (TRCC) has little enforcement power. It cannot make a builder do repairs. However the TRCC can revoke the builder's registration, assessing a fee capped at $5,000 per violation and/or ask  the state attorney general to file an injunction against a builder that violates the commission rules. I think this would have to be a very extreme case and would only come after a court or arbitration ruling.
The TRCC has posted their final draft of their Limited Statutory Warranty and Building and Performance Standards (effective June 1, 2005)  (Click here to view them)
To view the Standards requires PDF reader 

Groups deplore builders' influence (click here)

Houston TX. January 24, 2005  The Texas Residential Construction Commission
(TRCC), created by the Texas Legislature in 2003, has released yet another report on the abuse of arbitration in the home building industry. This report, although thorough continues to lack the necessary recommendations to correct the blatant abuse of arbitration.
The abuse of arbitration, in the Texas homebuilding industry, and the American Arbitration Association has been the subject of four studies by the Texas House, Senate, and the TRCC. Each has raised serious questions about the extreme cost to the consumer and the heavy bias in favor of the building industry. Contrary to popular belief, arbitration in the home building industry has been found to be extremely expensive and grossly unfair to the consumer.
Houston home inspections, Home inspections
"The report fails to recognize a simple, inexpensive, solution to the abuse of arbitration in the new home building industry." states the Texas President of Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings, John Cobarruvias.
"Instead of regulating the American Arbitration Association, our rights to the Constitution which guarantees a civil trial should be preserved, and arbitration should remain a true alternative and optional. This would avoid the bureaucracy of regulation and preserve the secrecy of the arbitration process."
The arbitration report can be found at: (Click here)

Appraisers Respond: Too Much Fraud In Lending
by Blanche Evans  (Read the rest of the story)

Sickened By Fraud, A Real Estate Appraiser Turns In His Pencil
by Blanche Evans     (Read the rest of the story)

We said in the beginning when Governor Rick Perry signed into law (June 20, 2003) the Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC) that it was a big joke! The commission has no enforcement power. Well, the first case has been tested. See our New Construction page for the rest of the story. (click here)

Arbitration clauses: a rights giveaway

Under binding arbitration, a consumer can be forced to pay thousands of dollars upfront to pursue a complaint, travel thousands of miles to a location of the company's choosing for the hearing, argue their case before an arbitrator who depends on the company for for the hearing, future business and surrender such basic legal weapons as the right to discovery and the right to appeal a decision. (Read the full story)

Choosing an Inspector

Mold Prevention: Windows What's Your Build IQ?

Which Builders Are Fixing Hurricane Damage?

Warranty or not, his builder, Ryland, sent Goldstein this response to his water woes: " ... The water intrusion was not caused by a defect in construction. ... We suggest you contact your homeowner's insurance carrier."  (Read the rest of the story)

Rent-a-cops for henhouse?

The ordinance would allow homebuilders to hire private-sector inspectors instead of subjecting their foundations, heating/air conditioning, electrical systems and so on to city inspectors!  (Read the rest of the story)

      "Problems with your new home?"   

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